Mound Business Park: Going To The Dogs?

Property opened to Ohio Police Canines for indoor and outdoor training.Late in 2014, Miami Township Police Officer D.W. Hesler approached Eric Cluxton about possibly using the Mound Business Park for training local police canines. Hesler had been using the Mound paths for his own jogging and noticed the space would be ideal. This year, the Mound Business Park has partnered with Officer Hesler and Ohio Police Canines to provide the canines and their handlers with vacant space for training.“When I approached Mr. Cluxton, he was more than accommodating,” said Officer Hesler. “I can tell he has a genuine interest in the canines and how they work.”

Together, Officer Hesler and the Mound Business Park worked out a plan for both the use of green space and also indoors within buildings currently available for lease or purchase. Ohio Police Canines include units from all over Southwest Ohio and their handlers use the Mound to train canines in everything from detecting human odors to narcotics and explosives odors.“The use of this space not only allows the teams to flourish, but it allows workers at the Mound and the general public a chance to watch what kind of work the teams do,” said Officer Hesler. “There is a good amount of work that goes into developing a strong canine team.”

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