Mound is ready to meet your company’s unique space needs with 45 building lots as well as existing facilities in buildings engineered and built to the federal government’s most rigorous construction standards. In addition to office, warehouse and light-manufacturing space, Mound offers wet and dry laboratories, a clean room, a radiological science facility and a highly secure underground facility.

Real Estate Profile


City, State Miamisburg, Ohio
Located in City Limits Yes
Total Acres 306
Available Acres 190


Nearest Interstate or 4 Lane Highway Access I-75
Distance to Interstate or 4 Lane Highway Access 3.5 miles
Nearest Commercial Airport Dayton International Airport
Distance to Nearest Commercial Airport 25 miles
2nd Nearest Commercial Airport Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Distance to 2nd Nearest Commercial Airport 58 Miles
Name of Railroad Located Adjacent to the Property Norfolk Southern Railroad
Is There A Rail Siding Located on the Property? Yes
Name of Navigable Waterway Located Adjacent to the Property N/A
Are Barge Facilities Available On Site? No


Electric Utility Company AES
Voltage Phase: 12,470 (Phase to Phase)/7,200 (Phase to Neutral)
Gas Utility Centerpointe
Size of Gas Main 6"
Gas Pressure XPSI
Water Utility City of Miamisburg
Size of Water Main 12"
Water Pressure (Static) Varies (120/60 PSI)
Water Pressure (Residual) Varies (80/30 PSI)
Excess Capacity of Treatment Plan (GPD) 3 MGD
Sewer Utility City of Miamisburg
Size of Sewer Main 8"
Excess Capacity of Treatment Plant (GPD) 500,000 GPD
Telephone Supplier Spectrum
Telephone Switching (Analogue/Digital) Digital
Broadband Service Spectrum

Business Assistance and Development Resources

City of Miamisburg

Miamisburg is a full-service community of approximately 20,000 residents located just south of Dayton in Ohio's Miami Valley. Established in 1818, the city today is distinguished by a deep appreciation for its rich history combined with a progressive vision for the future. Miamisburg offers a rich variety of housing types, from historic Victorian homes to contemporary styles - all in attractive, welcoming neighborhoods. And the amenities are plentiful: award-winning schools, beautiful parks and natural areas, recreation facilities, two golf courses, convenient shopping and entertainment opportunities are among the features that make this community a great place to live. Miamisburg is also known for its business-friendly environment - a place where companies of all sizes and types can take root, grow and prosper. visit

County Corp

In 1979, County Corp was established as the result of Montgomery County's need to participate more actively in the areas of affordable housing and economic development. County Corp, the first organization of its kind in any Ohio county, offers numerous loan programs to support business development in Montgomery County. visit

Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce brings together over 3,500 businesses and organizations in southwestern Ohio. The Chamber strives to improve the region’s business climate and overall standard of living through public policy advocacy, economic development initiatives, and a variety of information and original service and training resources for its members. Recognized as the U.S. "Chamber of the Year" in 1998 and nationally reaccredited in 2000, the Dayton Chamber is widely recognized for its innovative programs, which include the Chamber Connect interactive member communications network. visit

Dayton Development Coalition

The Dayton Development Coalition is a private, not-for-profit, regional economic development organization formed to address the need for region-wide growth in high-value jobs. The mission of the Coalition is to start up, recruit, grow, and retain high-value jobs in the Dayton Region. The Coalition works with its volunteer leadership, members, partners, and local, state, and federal elected officials to grow the Dayton Region into one of the most livable regions in the United States. visit

The Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority

The Miami Valley Economic Development Coalition worked with the State of Ohio, City of Dayton and Montgomery County to establish the Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority as a not-for-profit development financing tool and a strategic investment vehicle in the Dayton area’s business environment. The Port Authority is managed by the Coalition under contract with the Port Authority’s board of trustees. visit

Department of Energy - Legacy Management

The mission of the U. S. Department of Energy, Miamisburg Closure Project Office, is to provide maximum focus on cleanup activities to assure closure and transfer of the Mound site. visit

Montgomery County Department of Community and Economic Development

Over the years, the Montgomery County Department of Community and Economic Development have launched numerous programs that support its mission of improving and maintaining the quality of life and economic health within the county. Here are a few of them: County Corp administers a host of affordable housing and economic development programs - including various business loans - using local, state, and federal funding sources. Montgomery County's Economic Development/Government Equity (ED/GE) Program provides the framework for an innovative and cooperative approach to economic development. Since its inception in 1992, ED/GE awards have assisted in the creation or retention of more than 30,000 jobs and leveraged more than $1 billion in public and private funds. Business First! is a program geared to helping the county’s existing businesses prosper and grow. Through this effort, community representatives work to establish relationships with companies, linking them to any of the 30 regional resource partners that can help the businesses become more competitive. visit

NCIC Capital Fund

The National Center for Industrial Competitiveness (NCIC) was formed to respond to economic development needs for the Great Lakes Region. Initial funding for the non-profit organization was received from the federal government and matched with funding from the State of Ohio. NCIC plans to drive long-term economic growth and job creation by leveraging new and existing businesses, technology, training, information and funding. NCIC provides loans to support product and business development for the start-up of new businesses and expansions of existing businesses. NCIC also leverages existing local, state and federal government organizations to supply a comprehensive set of goal-oriented services. visit

Power Systems Technology Project

Beginning in 1954, scientists at Mound pioneered the “nuclear battery” technology that has powered instruments and experiments to probe the solar system, enable weather and navigational satellites and allow people to dive to the coldest parts of the oceans in heated swimsuits. Today, the Power Systems Technologies Project resides at the Department of Energy's Idaho facility. It is focused on the fabrication and testing of radioisotopic thermoelectric generators (RTGs) - or nuclear batteries - used as a power and heat source for deep-space missions. These include Galileo, launched in 1989 to study Jupiter; Ulysses, launched in 1990 to study the polar regions of the Sun; and most recently Cassini, in October 1997, which will work its way towards Saturn for in-depth study of that planet. visit

South Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce

Electronic partnership provides a compilation of information, both public and private sector-based, that will hopefully give you, the businessman a base for enlightened decisions or inquiry. The theme and focus for us is the economy and the baby steps we are all beginning to take toward growth and stability. Our sites have thoughtful information that we hope will guide you and perhaps provide solutions as well. We are here to provide the tools for your success. Whether the issues are economic, marketing, branding, public awareness, signage or legislative, they always come full circle to our universal bottom line…the economic health of our South Metro region. Our member cities and townships, Centerville, Miamisburg, West Carrollton, Springboro, Miami Township and Washington Township, support the mission of the South Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce. We advocate for business and serve members’ needs to assure economic vitality in our region. visit

The Center for Innovation Management at Wright State University

An applied research center providing business research, analysis and planning assistance to companies and inventors in the Dayton Region that have a goal of commercializing their technologies and thereby creating Ohio jobs. CIM offers a wide range of consulting services. The most popular services are market and competitive studies, and go-to-market strategy consultation. In exchange for the assistance offered, CIM requires its clients to reimburse its costs and participate in the commercialization outcomes study. visit

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