Mound Business Park Entrance

Mound Provides the Right Environment for Business Growth

Looking for a place to grow your business? Mound offers hundreds of acres of available land, shovel-ready to accommodate your building needs. If you prefer to lease or buy available space, Mound offers move-in ready facilities, as well. At Mound, you’ll be surrounded by a culture of innovation to spark business growth and attract qualified employees. With its campus-like setting, Mound is an ideal location for all types of companies!

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History at The Mound

Mound Cold War Discovery Center

Mound Laboratory was the first Atomic Energy Commission site to be constructed after WWII, in order to continue Dayton’s work within the Manhattan Project and consolidate the production of polonium-210 and polonium-based initiators for the first atomic bombs. Mound operated from 1948-2003 as an integrated research, development and production facility that supported…

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News and Events Around the Mound

Amenities Around the Mound

Mound Business Park is located in Miamisburg, OH a progressive suburban community of 20,000 which has grown to become an ideal destination in the Miami Valley. From bike trails to art galleries, metro parks, casual bars and eateries, there’s plenty to see and do in Miamisburg. There’s always great things happening in historic downtown Miamisburg!

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